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Default Roof Rack Ripoff!

Has anybody else tried to get a roof rack? We just got our new 2012 this month and it came without a rack! My fault for not doing more checking, but please! Forget about the utility of the rack. I think the car looks like crap without it. Has GM forgotten what the "U" in SUV stands for? What's next to save money, no radio? We can't live without it so I told them to put one on. The parts guy says that even if he could get his hands on one it would be $1160 for all the components, plus $220 to install it. Service guy said he was sure they would have to drill holes and weatherproof and if I did it myself I would void the warranty. Huh?
I got the last laugh.

Last week I bought 2 pristine chrome racks at a Chevy dealership's sidewalk sale that had been installed once and removed. Got home and had the rack installed in 5 minutes. Flathead screwdriver and a socket. Pop off the existing channel moulding and the studs are right there! The only parts I had to get was the new filler moulding that goes from the windshield to the front of the rack.

If anybody is interested, I have one complete rack with chrome rail covers that I would sell. That includes the filler trim. I would go $575 with the cross rails or $450 without. Take care.
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