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Originally Posted by XTRME 94 View Post
My wife and I recently test drove a 2 SLT GMC Terrain. While we both really like the vehicle and are leaning towards purchasing one, I noticed that while almost everything seemed to be lit up at night, I did not notice the mirror switches being lit up? Is this the way it's designed, or did we by chance drive one that wasn't working properly? No big deal, just thought it strange as her current vehicle ('05 Impala) they light up. Also, if anyone has pics of the interior at night, post them up, I couldn't find very many online.
I also test drove a 2 SLT GMC Terrain and didn't pay much attention to the mirror switches but i can't recall it lighting up, im sure if it did i would have noticed it.

Usually the cars we get to test drive go through a lot of hands and get a lot of km's/miles on them. Might be that a fuse was blown at the time of testing? some cars are notorious for blowing fuses.
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