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I have purchased a 2016 GMC terrain and have had several issues since that has been unresolved. The dashboard lights had been the first noted. The lights go dim to where you can barely see the illumination while entering under passages instead of brighter. Then noticed that this is the case randomly throughout my travels even when not entering a darkened area. Then my ignition key kept getting stuck which was a big hassle and inconvenience. I would try to make sure vehicle all the way in gear, played with the steering wheel to make sure not locked. Changed the gears multiple times and turned the car off and on several times all up to driving around the block and coming back. It would get stuck anywhere from minutes to half hr. Irritating and causing me to be late to work and events because I cant keep keys in ignition and/or leave doors unlocked. The first time I took into shop they stated they could not see any issues with the lights and the key they needed to make me a new one so when it was ready they would call me to schedule it to be programmed. As I pulled off the lights continued to have the issue they didn't see for whatever reason Well they said they needed more time to leave the vehicle when the new key comes in. Upon inspection the second time they stated it was the dimming switch and when it comes in they would contact me to fix it. Well here I am 4 appointments later and it is worse and does it quite frequently. Now GMC is stating this is "NORMAL". I find that to be a joke and not sure who they think believes that's normal for lights to go dim to where u can barely see tem and each and every time u go under passage plus just in and out frequently while just cruising. Also my key after getting fixed has gotten stuck again in the ignition twice so it clearly is more too it but they are refusing to figure the issue because it didn't get stuck for them and they see no issues. Now a more serious situation which almost caused my safety has risen and added to my dissatisfaction. I was backing out of the driveway now blocking the street. I go to put my vehicle into gear and it wouldn't go anywhere while stepping on the gas. I noticed on the dashboard the D was flashing rapidly. So I placed it into park and then back into drive and nothing still. Then I attempted to put it in reverse again because at this time a car came around the corner and almost ran into me because I was blocking the road. At this point I just continued to put vehicle into different gears and back in park and putting foot on break. No result but the gears flashing on the dashboard. At this point furious and cars honking because there was now a small line gathered trying to pass and upset with me. After doing this twice I finally turned on and off and the third time was finally able to put in gear. I have had in shop for a week for evaluation with no satisfaction or results. I was told the light issue is normal, they key issue is not a problem for them so they ain't fixing it, and they can see no issues with drive train or transmission. So no help and no results. I guess this is all "normal "and all 2016 GMC Terrains are equipted with these features as mine is. Please let me know and agree everyone is having these normal issues. Also if someone can help me for real give me any pointers and direct me.
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If these issues are intermittent and do not occur when the dealer has the vehicle, then it's tough to make them happen when they are looking for the problems. Personally, I have little time for these type of problems, so I understand your frustrations. I have been lucky with my last several vehicles in that they either had no issues or minor ones that were easily corrected. BTW, the last six (seven including the wife's Malibu) cars were all GM products.
In the past, if I have taken a vehicle to a dealer a number of times and the issues went unresolved, I would try another dealer, hopefully with better technicians and customer service. Maybe a Chevy dealer can help as they sell the same vehicle (an Equinox). Of course all your service visits are available for every GM dealer on their computer. Here is the part you may not like, after the problem(s) were not fixed, I have just traded the vehicle in for another vehicle. Yes, it's a costly solution, but it usually works. When the Acura dealer was about to install the fourth transmission into my 1998 Acura (my last Japanese car), I traded in for a 2003 Chevy Blazer.
Whatever you decide to do, I hope someone can solve the issues.
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