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Feature/Reason 1


Whether equipped with the 2.4L DOHC engine or the 3.0L DOHC engine, Terrain delivers class-leading fuel economy. The 2.4L 4 cylinder engine delivers 32 mpg on the highway (600 mile range) and 22 mpg in the city, and the 3.0L 6-cylinder engine delivers 25 mpg highway (500+ mile range) and 17 mpg in the city.

Now that pleanty of driving, for either your wife, your own pleasure, or delivering your kids around the city.

Feature/Reason 2


With strong B- and C-pillars to supplement rollover safety, the standard Rearview Camera System improves rearward visibility whenever you back up. It enables you to see items behind you on the driveway and helps in busy parking lots or when parallel parking.

When you teach your kids to drive, at least now you won't have to worry about them backing into something! Plus it helps all that annoying downtown parking!

Feature/Reason 3


The available programmable power liftgate can be activated from the key fob, overhead console, exterior touch pad on liftgate and interior switch on bottom of liftgate trim. It can be programmed to accommodate the owner’s height, garage height or any other height constraints.

Now, for those soccer mom's out there, they wont have to jump to close the trunk.. now with the programmable lift gate it'll be easier on everyone !

Feature/Reason 4


Standard USB port – The USB port in the center console allows you to connect and control the song selection on electronic devices such as iPods, USB drives.
Bluetooth – You can pair a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to the system and make and receive hands-free
phone calls.
40GB hard drive with available navigation system – The Terrain’s available DVD-based navigation system includes
a 40GB hard drive. 30GB is used by the navigation system for mapping, leaving 10GB available for recording, storing and accessing a library of music that can then be played through the vehicle’s audio system.

Now equipped with audio, you wont need to go out and buy that after market deck, also with the premium model you the option rear tv's for the kid's or your lounging needs when you get kicked out of the house.

Feature/Reason 5! - were half way through reading!


Muscular fender fl airs, a prominent grille, smooth surfaces with tight gaps and the wheels pulled out to the edges give Terrain a bold, athletic appearance

Don't you just love the aggressive styling, it matches the guys with a family in mind and don't want to a drive a van, and for your wife's, here's that big truck(CUV) they always wanted....

Feature/Reason 6

ENGINES Terrain’s uncompromising performance starts with its Direct Injection engines.

• 2.4L DI VVT 4-Cylinder Engine – The 2.4L engine is standard in all trim levels, is one of the most advanced 4-cylinder engines in North America and has the following features:
– Direct injection
– Variable Valve Timing
– All aluminum
– 182 hp @ 6700 rpm
– 172 lb.-ft. of torque
@ 4800 rpm
– 32 mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city
– 18.8-gallon fuel tank
– 6T45 6-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission
– FWD or AWD

• 3.0L DI VVT V6 Engine – The 3.0L V6, available on SLE-2 and both SLT models, incorporates the following features:
– Direct injection
– Variable Valve Timing
– All aluminum
– 264 hp @ 6950 rpm
– 222 lb.-ft. of torque
@ 5100 rpm
– 25 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg in the city
– 20.9-gallon fuel tank
– 6T70 6-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission
– FWD or AWD

Boys and their toys.. if your in no need of speed, the I4 is more than fine, if you want some haul'in going on, that v6 is more than enough with that extra kick!

Feature/reason 7

The exclusive Multi-Flex sliding rear seat has almost 8" of fore-and-aft travel. It provides segment-leading rear leg room and first-class rear-seat accommodations. The Multi-Flex seat has three positions (straight, 5-degree recline, 10-degree recline) and is split-folding for fl exibility. When moved to the forward position, it gives Terrain additional cargo space —a total of 31.6 cu. ft.

Now your kids wont fight for that recline front seat.. I'd enjoy the back seat any day ;), now room will no longer be an issue for whatever your needs are. At least there's one below

Feature/Reason 8


The dual seat-back DVD Entertainment System mounts the tilt-adjustable, dual-play monitors in the front seatbacks. The dual DVD system is operated through the audio system controls or the hand-held remote. The dual seat-back DVD system comes with a 2.2GB hard drive that allows you to store music in the system. Two rear-seat occupants can choose to use the system using different inputs.

Truly where can you go wrong with this 2.2gb of video! tit adjustable screens, and they don't have to fight over what each other watch with the two different inputs. No more fights between which movie to play anymore.

Feature/Reason 9


Terrain’s interior reflects GMC’s signature attention to detail. The premium materials, contrast stitching and warm red ambient lighting around the cup holders, door pulls and center control panel are all details that give it a refined look and feel. The overall environment is wellappointed and comfortable.

GMC never seat's to impress, man do i love American seats....

Feature/Reason 10


Terrain offers outstanding safety features and it already meets the new 2010 pole side-impact standards and the 2011 roof rollover requirements. With its responsive steering, ABS and StabiliTrak, families are able to avoid many crashes. The strong frame, air bag and seat belt systems help protect them during a crash. And, the OnStar system notifi es emergency services after a crash to get help to the location as quickly as possible. OnStar also provides critical crash information including the type of crash and how severe it is to help emergency responders dispatch the right help.

With you worry worts out there, you have OnStar wich is a life saver so need not worry about calling an ambulance, OnStar will do it for you.

After reading those feature's and fact about the GMC 2011 terrain it pretty much set which model features i need, to suit me own needs. Indeed GMC has stepped up its game in creating a Cross over platform, with form, function and usability and durability, with a great price tag on it.

Fact from..

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Thanks for the great write up about the 2011 Terrain.

It really puts GMC up there with some of the top automobile makers, all those feature are amazing and key features and, are making this car a crazy hot seller.

time to head to the dealership haha

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Ouu, those are some great features =]

Now i wont have to worry about the kids in the back seat. they can sit there calmly and enjoy their movies as well.

The programmable Trunk is also a great idea by GMC, as I am not exactly the tallest girl around,(yes being Asian sucks) :(

The rear view camera helps me reserve in too! ouu i am loving these features that comes with the GMC terrain :) now i can shop in peace and be able to pa

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Thanks for posting up that write up. As much as those are really good things about the Terrain the most important thing for me when buying a car is testing everything out for myself. Because something that might be important to someone might not be important to me.
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