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General Motors and its GMC division are back on a roll. They had been making excellent trucks and SUVs for years, which brought big bucks into the company, but when gas prices shot up to $4.00 per gallon in 2008, sales of their big vehicles shut down like a blown fuse. All of a sudden, people were only looking for small high-mileage cars, and the SUVs were stacking up on dealer lots like cord wood.

But America's love affair with larger vehicles didn't go away for long. When the economy hit the skids, people were driving less, and gas prices came back down. Soon folks were coming back into the showrooms and looking at GMCs again. Only this time they were pleasantly surprised to find that there are now more models fitted with much more fuel efficient engines. So for large families that need the space of larger SUV, its towing capacity, as well as some decent luxury amenities, the new offerings from GM hit the sweet spot again.

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