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GMC has been General Motors' truck division for a whole century, but with the elimination of several car lines, the automaker felt that GMC needed to fill some voids in its product offerings. As a result, this year GMC gets the five-passenger compact crossover Terrain, which slots in underneath the large three-row Acadia.

The Terrain shares a platform with the Chevy Equinox and the Cadillac SRX. The exterior appearance of each of the three is, however, quite different. The Terrain, in a bow to its GMC roots, is the most truck-like in its styling cues. It has a boxy and brawny look with squared off bulging wheel wells and a large three slat front grill surrounded by chrome. The stacked front headlights and fog lights, which are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle, give it a hint of family resemblance to the Cadillac. Yet despite its bold front end appearance, GM says the Terrain has the same coefficient of drag as the last generation Corvette. The front end being more slippery than it looks probably helps keep the Terrain quiet while cruising on the highway, as there is almost no wind noise in the cabin.

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