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I have a 2011 Terrain SLE2, just over 41,000km. Live here around Calgary, AB. A month ago when cleaning my vehicle's exterior I noticed areas of rust on the very bottom of the inside driver's door, all above the crimped seam. Also lots of bubbling paint that you could just flick off with you fingernail, exposing rust beneath. Doesn't look like any perforation/holes. Upon checking the other 3 doors, the same thing......though driver's door noticeably the worst.

Took into my dealership yesterday, basically told "sorry but you're SOL" as I've passed the 3 yr/60,000km base warranty period.......and the extended warranted I purchased when I bought this vehicle (bought it new end of year 2010), although is 7 yr/120,000km is ONLY for Powertrain.............have a nice day.

Upon doing some research online, I see that this is not an isolated problem w/ both Terrain and Chev Equinox and that many have reported this to GM but were all told "you're the first one to report this/this is the first time we've heard about this."

Anyone else experience this rusting issue?.........and if so, after you base warranty period had expired?..and what did you do?

From what I've read, those who were within the warranty period who had it fixed, it just continued to happen again.

Thanks for any info you can provide.:confused:

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There is obviously an area at the bottom edge of the doors that catch and hold moisture...There are small weep holes designed in to allow water to drip out, perhaps not all of it as it should ,or yours have been plugged up with road crap.

Now if you all noticed, you all live in wintery climates that use tons of salt on the roads..the best thing you can do in your cases or anybody who has winter weather with salted roads is to once a week take a high pressure hose at a carwash and spray the bottoms of the doors off when you can..any kind of fresh water will help...usually .75 cents worth of water at the do-it-yourself carwash should do it...or $5.00 for a drive through brushless type carwash.

I open all the doors after a carwash, to let the water drip out at the front edge of the doors..I was amazed at how much water is trapped in the doors..POOR DESIGN IMO>
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