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If you need another reason to get a GMC Terrain, looks like the Terrain is pushing the bar on safety!

The 2012 GMC Terrain will feature a new crash avoidance system that’ll also serve as a lane mitigation system, according to GM. It will be the first such system in a GM vehicle.

Unlike other precollision and lane mitigation systems, which typically use a series of radar or laser sensors to detect vehicles in front of them, the GMC system uses a digital camera mounted on the windshield in front of the rearview mirror. The digital camera, combined with object- and range-detecting software, determines if an accident is pre-eminent. If it is, the system illuminates a warning icon and beeps to warn the driver. The system also will pre-charge the brakes, like other systems, if an accident is unavoidable. GM doesn’t mention if the system will pre-emptively tighten seat belts, adjust seating position, raise head restraints or close the windows as similar systems do. GMC’s precollision system only works at speeds above 25 mph.

The digital camera also can detect lane markings and will warn if you’ve left your lane without signaling first. The system also can warn you if you’re following the vehicle in front of you too closely when driving at speeds above 25 mph.
GM’s system does have its limitations, which are caused by using a single digital camera and no other sensory inputs. If the camera is obstructed by snow or mud, its effectiveness will be limited, according to the automaker. We’re looking into whether rains is an issue for this system, too.

The system is a $295 option on the 2012 GMC Terrain, which is already on sale.
2012 GMC Terrain Debuts Camera-Based Collision Alert

While radar-based collision detection systems aren’t new, General Motors is the first automaker to debut a simpler, more economical camera-based system. The camera will also provide drivers with a lane departure warning system, and it’s now an affordable option on the 2012 GMC Terrain crossover.

The collision alert system, which operates at speeds above 25 miles per hour, uses a windshield-mounted high resolution digital camera to capture some 14 frames per second. Each frame is analyzed by an image processing algorithm to determine the change in position of objects in view.

If the system detects a car in front, it signals the driver with a green icon; follow too closely, and that green icon changes to a solid red warning bar. Close on a vehicle in front too quickly, and that red bar will flash, an audible alert will sound and the Terrain will pre-charge its braking system to reduce stopping distances.

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since the Terrain is like a vehicle for families, this technology should help keep families at a bit a ease knowing such technology like this will keep them safer, i just wonder what sort of testing was done to make sure the system has no defaults
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