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Hello all, I've got a few weird noises/vibrations that I need help figuring out.

Vehicle - 2012 GMC SLE, FWD with about 167k miles. Location - Charlotte, NC

1) Creaking noise when I make a tight turn to the left or right. Not sure if its tie rods, a control arm, bushings.

2) Front passenger speaker buzzes and hisses, mostly during the winter. This seems to be a pre-amp issue but not sure.

3) The frond end vibrates and there's a "***" like sound when I apply the brakes. I've actually had the brakes and rotors inspected and they are in good shape, less than 10k miles on them.

4) I've noticed this past winter that the driver/passenger windows will go up slowly and then stop. I need to continue to push the button to get them up. However, once the window is up about 1/4 of the way, the window motor works as designed.

I appreciate any advice. I'm a bit handsy so I could maybe resolve some of the problems if I knew what to look for. I suspect the front end needs to be serviced - replace bushings, lubricate joints, etc....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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