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Hi all! I purchased a 2015 Terrain SLE that was in a wreck, I already have a 2014 that the wife drives but the daughter was interested in one and this one came about for a good price so I grabbed it. It was a weird deal to begin with not knowing what was all wrong with it, it was hit in the LF corner, and the kid that bought it from the salvage auction said he couldn't get it to start so he thinks the engine is shot, said he can turn it by hand but nothing happens when you turn the key, I decided to take a chance and buy it because in my head a car in an accident would have most likely been running when it happened, maybe he just wasn't very mechanical. Now that I have looked in to it a bit it all seems very strange, the radio was disconnected, not even screwed in, the inst. cluster was also disconnected and not screwed in so someone has dug into it somewhat. When I turn the key and try to start it nothing happens, I don't hear a fuel pump either, no clicks , nothing, dash lights come on but everything goes dark when you try to engage the starter, when I try the 2014 the lights go out except for the engine symbol, it stays on while the engine cranks then when the key is released everything else comes back. So far I've looked to make sure all the relays and fuses are in place and they appear the same as the 2014, computer is plugged in, nothing appears to be disconnected, I also dissconnected the shifter cable in case it was in between gears slightly. Can anyone give me an idea of where I should go from here? Body control module under the dash looks untouched. Does something happen to these things when they get hit to disable them? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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