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2016 GMC Terrain floor carpeting

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I am a new GMC owner and just purchased a new 2016 Terrain SLT. Couple of issues/questions about the floor carpeting. The carpet on the drivers side does not adhere to the floor panel. It is loose overall and not well fitting. I was VERY surprised when I looked more closely on both the passenger and drivers sides to see that that carpet does not go all the way up and there are substantial unfinished areas (padding of some sort) that is visible on both sides, especially the passenger side. You can only see this when you are looking at the floor when leaning down. It is not visible when you are sitting. Is this normal? I am used to my Tahoe which was finished with substantial carpeting all the way up on both side.
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HI and welcome...You might want to post an introduction in the NEW MEMBERs area and let us know where you're from and some more details about your GMC.. 2015 has some exposed areas too under the seats as well..It really depends on how far back the seat is put, to how much you see..If the carpet is loose I would go back to the dealer and show them your concerns..
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