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I have finally taken delivery of a new 2018 with AWD, 2.0 turbo engine and the SLE model. I've only had it 10 days, so here is my initial evaluation.

First, the disappointment. Even ordering the Infotainment pkg 1, I did not get a CD player. The dealer told me that CD players are soon to be obsolete so they don't even offer them as options. Although inconvenient, I can rip a CD on my computer to a USB stick that will work. Problem solved. Just be aware you won't be able to get a CD player--per the dealer info.

Now, the high points.

The engine start/stop feature is not an issue. When you stop for any length of time, the engine shuts off, unless you have the AC on. It restarts as soon as you take your foot off the brake. It does so faster than you can move your foot from the brake to the accelerator. Its not a feature to be feared.

The 2.0 turbo is as fast or faster than the v6 2015 Terrain that I traded in. Plus, on an initial 200 mile trip over flat roads, the mpg was 32. The 9 spd tranny is smooth with no hunting for the right gear. On a downhill grade, switching to L (low gear) moves the transmission to gear 7. The car can easily be slowed further as needed. Its a nice feature, even though you will initially have to get used to a button rather than a gear shift lever. Having test drove the other engine options I can say if you don't get a turbo option, the car will be sluggish, especially on hills.

So far I cannot think of anything negative to say, other than the lack of a CD player. I am very satisfied with the new design and features. And, the gas mileage is incredible.

If you want further input, just give me a shout.
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