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21% Sales Growth in the Past Month - GM Middle East

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ITs no surprise that GMC has a increase of sales in a country that demands their cars. A 21% growth in sales withing one month is a huge statement for a company, that has strong products backed by a strong brand, giving it very high selling point.

GM car brands such as Cadillac and Chevy are huge sellers in the middle east as people have learned to respect the brand giving it a strong name in the middle eat.

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GMC these days have a very well thought out and impressive line up of cars from their different respective brands.

Funny how they either are at war or were in war, they are buying American cars... that is some true love hate relationship going on.

But cars like the terrain due make good use in the middle east.
the American car market will defiantly grow now! due to the fact that the Japanese auto makers are taking a huge hit I'm sure GM and everyone will try to take advantage of the situation as best as possible.
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