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I just had to replace the Transmission in my 2.4L 2010 Terrain SLE. 92,000km of mostly city driving on the clock and 3rd, 5th, and Reverse were shot! Driving along at 54km/hr with no prior issues and BAM! Hard shift and crunch, pulled over and that was all she wrote. $3700 later, I called GM to check for any recalls, no luck. A coworker had the same thing happen to his 2013 Acadia and GM picked up the bill (mind you his is still under warranty years of course). GM Customer Service said if enough people who have had this issue call to report it a recall could potentially result so if this has happened to you, do us all a favour and call them at 1-800-263-3777 to log it as I was told by our local reputable Transmission shop that he has seen quite a few Terrains and Equinox come through with similar issues. Outside of this it has been a great vehicle!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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