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I am purchasing a new Terrain for my 22 year old daughter who drives a lot as a Sales Rep in central Indiana. Our family drives 4 wheel drive vehicles, not always necessary, but nice.

Can I hear from drivers and recommendations of each? Would like AWD, but I don't know if the cost is worth the piece of mind, in other words, does it really help in the daily commute?

I know size and weight distribution make a huge difference, and am not sure
this will really help her unless she is stuck, then even then questionable.


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AWD is by far better for winter driving. If it was my daughter I would make sure it was AWD so I know she's going to be that much safer when driving. Since she's a sales rep, I bet she travels a lot, right?

You cannot put a price on safety, pay now, and have piece of mind! AWD really does make a big difference.

An AWD SUV in winter is probably one of the best vehicles for winter driving, you made the right decision here!
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