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Hey all,

I've got an issue that just happened since Saturday (I just noticed).

I have a 2017 Terrain SLE 4cyl.

First issue is my back up camera, when gearshift is placed in reverse, the display is blank except for the guidelines.

Second issue I found is that my reverse lights won't come on in gear or when Unlocking/locking the vehicle when it usually is supposed to do especially at night.

I've checked the back up camera fuse and the fuse for the TBC 2 fuse and both are still in good shape.

I also have an issue with the interior lights not turning on when opening the doors (and yes I've checked the settings on the switches). If the lights do come one, its about a minute or so later and they are at about 50% intensity.

Has this happened with anyone else, if so, what should I check/do before I take it to the shop for better troubleshooting?

Thanks everyone!
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