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Hello just a little introduction of why I joined the forum. Purchasing from my wife's uncle his 2010 GMC Terrain SLE who is 85 because his doctor has revoked his drivers license because of his health. It has only 65000 km. and hopefully it will serve us well

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I have a 2011 and have had multiple engine issues. Make sure you only use synthetic oil and change it every 2k miles. Also, watch the timing chain. I have replaced 2 and if it fails your engine fails. Problem with the engine design.
If your car starts stalling and is slow to accelerate you may have this problem.

General Motors has decided to conduct a Voluntary Emission Recall involving certain 2011
Buick LaCrosse, Regal; Chevrolet Equinox; and GMC Terrain vehicles equipped with a 2.4L
gas engine (LAF). On these vehicles, the camshaft position actuator solenoid may stick,
resulting in the illumination of the malfunction indicator light, rough idle, poor driveability,
and/or possible stalling at low throttle opening.
Dealers are to reprogram the engine control module, and if necessary, replace the camshaft
position actuator solenoid valves.
Involved are certain 2011 model year Buick LaCrosse, Regal; Chevrolet Equinox; and GMC
Terrain vehicles equipped with a 2.4L gas engine (LAF).
Important: Dealers are to confirm vehicle eligibility prior to beginning repairs by using the
Required Field Actions section in the Global Warranty system. Not all vehicles
may be involved.
For dealers with involved vehicles, a listing with involved vehicles containing the complete
vehicle identification number, customer name, and address information has been prepared
and will be provided to US and Canadian dealers through the GM GlobalConnect Recall
Page 2 August 2011 Bulletin No.: 11195A
Reports, or sent directly to export dealers. Dealers will not have a report available if they
have no involved vehicles currently assigned.
Parts required to complete this recall are to be obtained from General Motors Customer Care
and Aftersales (GMCC&A). Please refer to your “involved vehicles listing” before ordering
parts. Normal orders should be placed on a DRO = Daily Replenishment Order. In an
emergency situation, parts should be ordered on a CSO = Customer Special Order.
Part Number Description Quantity/Vehicle
12628347 Valve, Cm/Shf Posn Actr Int Sol 1 (If Req'd)
12628348 Valve, Cm/Shf Posn Actr Exh Sol 1 (If Req'd)
1. Determine the vehicle status.
If the vehicle is still in dealer inventory, reprogram the ECM with the latest calibration.
Refer to ECM Programming in this bulletin. Do NOT replace the camshaft position
actuator solenoid valves.
If the vehicle has been delivered to the customer, reprogram the ECM and replace the
camshaft position actuator solenoid valves. Refer to Engine Controls - Camshaft
Position Actuator Solenoid Valve Replacement in SI.
ECM Programming
Do not attempt to order the calibration number from GM Customer Care and Aftersales. The
calibration numbers required for this service procedure are programmed into control modules
via a Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) or Tech 2® diagnostic scan tool and TIS2WEB with
the calibration update. Use TIS2WEB on or after 6/23/11 to obtain the calibration. If you
cannot access the calibration, call the Techline Customer Support Center at 1-800-828-6860

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Thanks for the bulitin..

Yeah those 2.4L 4cylinders have had a lot of problem in the past few years 2010 and 2011..later models have had most the bugs worked out..thank goodness for warranties.:cool:
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