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Just wonderging what steps or products do you guys use to clean your cars, and what products work effectively towards dirt and other things inside your car. and also SALT! Dam you Canadian roads.


this is what i normally use,

Exterior Body
-High pressure Rinse,
-Turtle wax soap/shampoo
-Then a nice Scrub and clean
-Every once in a while i'll grab a clay bar and pick up any excess dirt as well, and to smooth out the paint.
-After another rinse/wash.
-Once the car is all dried, i proceed with waxing, and detailing the exterior, i used to use turtle wax, wax with a buffer but then later realized McGuire is a crap load better

- use any generic orange cleaner to wipe off dirt and etc
- Shampoo the carpet, and and cleaner to get out tough stains
- Seats just a plain and simple vacuum
- all leather, and etc upholstery wiped with armor all products, to refinish everything
- also windows are wiped with rainx to help prevent fogging

Let me know what other things you guys do to clean your cars.
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