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Cluncking Noise when AWD is engaged

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Hello guys! Fairly new to the forum and I am no way a car enthusiast but I want to seek some answers about the safety and drivability of my vehicle.

I have a brand 2021 GMC SLE AWD Terrain. I purchased it a few months ago and now it has about ~9,000 kms. I noticed the problem when I was driving home and I hear a loud clunking noise. I can even feel it from my driver seat. The clunking noise only happens when I engage my AWD but when I turn it back to 2WD, the clunking noise disappears.

I have a service appointment on May 4th. I heavily rely on my vehicle for my work commute. Is my vehicle safe to drive on 2WD until I get it looked up and serviced?
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Did you ever get an answer to this? Mine is doing the exact same thing.
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