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Defects in dash panel

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I hope my attachment shows up. This is a pic of the passenger's side dash panel in our new 2016 Terrain. You can see little indentations and tiny bubbles throughout the surface of the dash panel. They were apparent when we test drove the vehicle and the dash panel has been changed twice since we purchased it. Each subsequent panel has the same defect. We were shown the under side of the panel and all of the surface defects correspond to holes in the plastic panel that the dash covering is adhered to. Yesterday we went back to the dealer again and checked all of the 2016 Terrains on the lot. They ALL have the same defect on the dash. Would appreciate any info from anyone else who's had this problem with their vehicles?


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I barely can see some very small imperfections in the texture..I'm sure more obvious in person..but if they all have it..I guess it is what it is..not an excuse, but what can you do?...I'll check my 2015 and see if I can see anything and get back with you here..

Mean time, tell us what your Terrain is equipped like..V6..4cyclinder, AWD, etc..
My dash now that I looked at it and compared to yours is different..I have a leather material on mine with red double stitching around the edges...Perhaps it's the Denali package that makes mine different...

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Yes, the Denali pkg is different. I just have an SLE.
But I would keep on the dealership and GM for a fix with yours..dimpling and pock marks IMO, are unacceptable.
passenger side dash

Our 2017 2 SLE also had two small slice marks in dash. Dealer sent to detailer and got rid of them but, changed the finish on that side somewhat now. Not bad but we notice it now all the time, maybe best to live with the original issues sometimes ?
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