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Driver / passenger seat comfort issues

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I am having some comfort issues with my driver and passenger front seats of my Terrain. I feel like the seats are leaning toward the doors. When my boyfriend and I are in the car, we feel like we are sitting with our backs toward each other. Does anyone else have this similar issue?
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thats weird, i've been in a few terrains and never noticed this. comfort is one of my priorities when vehicle shopping and im sure I would of noticed this.

which year Terrain is it? did you buy it used? have you contacted the dealer about the issue?
I just bought it two weekends ago. It's a 2012. I took it back to the dealership two days after I bought it with the issue. They said they noticed that the seat was tilting, so they order a new part for it. They installed a new cushion and adjusted the tilt. There is still a bump on the lower right side though. I think it might be with the leather seats. I sat in a few Terrains with cloth seats and I do not feel this bump. Has anyone noticed a difference between cloth and leather seats? Anyone notice this bump on the leather seats?
theres not supposed to be a bump there. dont stop until they fix it for you. that can actually be a safety issue since the seats arent aimed the right way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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