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Driver side wheel well

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I had the misfortune to run over a tire during rush hour today. The incident damaged my vehicle, ripping the entire front driver side wheel well off, damaging the bumper cover, and breaking all but one of the clips that holds the plastic trim piece at the bottom rear of the rear well.

I want to fix it myself, but i have no idea what each of the pieces are called or where to get them. Is there a reaource out there that would show an exploded view of that wheel well?

Any help is much appreciated.
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Hi and welcome..

I tell you like I do all new your location in your user profile and it will show up under your name/Avatar area..Also you might want to mention what year and style your Terrain is...oh, did you even mention it was a Terrain?..

Post some pictures here too of the's the only way you will get clear help.
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