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Finally gas mileage!!

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Well everyone I would like to say things are finally looking up! I am a avid user of hptuners tuning software. I finally recieved the software update to tune my GMC Terrain. So far so good!

Every tank stock I was getting 19mpg this winter. Average temperatures between -10 and 10F. With atleast 1 hour minimum of idle time. I am also a avid user of remote start lol.

I'm glad to say after my first tune of many my first tank has resulted in a 3mpg increase.

I will keep posting my results as I go, I'm looking to average at or above 23 in winter and 27 in summer, obviously with a mix of city and hwy. currently I get 35mpg at 30. 30mpg at 45. 27mpg at 55. And 24mpg at 66. With a ambien temperature of 10 degrees. One of the big things I need to solve is getting better mpg on the highway itself. I have already dialed in city mpg. Also I have fixed that crappy pedal feel and reaction. Also I do keep logs of my gas mileage as well. Nothing high tech but I do list any modifications to the vehicle including oil changes and any other maintenance.

If anyone is interested in getting their GMC Terrain or any other GM products tuned please feel free to contact me. I live in central Wisconsin. From time to time my work does have me in other states though.
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