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Here's a new game to play.

Find the dipstick.

Opened the hood on my wife's, not mine, 2014 Terrain. I cannot find the dipstick for the transmission.

Upon referencing the owner's manual, I found the dipstick.

The dipstick is located behind the desk in the office of the Chief Engineer of GM Powertrain.

How could anyone who has a clue about an automatic transmission omit a $10 dipstick on a $3,000 transmission?

So when the fluid and filter is changed, just how will it be known whether the correct amount of fluid is put back in the transmission? And no, the fluid will not be changed at 100,000 miles. Try half that mileage.

I already regret being involved in the purchase of this vehicle. First it's the dexos oil at $7.00 a quart, leaving me with a stockpile of conventional oil in my garage.

Now GM thinks leaving a dipstick off a transmission is a good idea.

I really miss our totaled 2004 Grand Prix and the 3800 engine it had. Right now my wife loves her Terrain, while I am starting to loathe it.
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