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Hi, We bought a 2014 AWD Terrain SLE-2 with the 3.6L V6. Our 2004 Grand Prix was totaled after a guy ran through a red light and hit it on the driver's tire. The sub frame even busted away. My wife was not injured luckily, but what a waste of a decent car.

My wife is the primary driver of our new vehicle and she wanted something AWD and something that would allow easier entry/exit for our elderly Moms etc.

She had her heart set on the Terrain. She liked the Equinox, but she likes the styling of the Terrain better. She wasn't interested in the imports and she doesn't care for the styling of the Ford Escape. We drove a Jeep Compass and it didn't seem very good to us.

After test driving one with the 4cyl. and then the V6, it became well evident that it is money well spent to opt for the V6. The four labored over 4,000 rpm to go over a gradient in a 60 mph speed limit zone. With the V6 we covered the same stretch of road at 71 mph while turning just over 2,000 rpm.

I hope this is a good vehicle. I'm not too concerned about recalls, but the Terrain seems to not have many thus far. I'm an old gear head, so I will miss the push rod 3800 engine in our late Grand Prix along with conventional motor oil and a strong knowledge of what's what with that car.

Now it's an unknown with DOHC, direct injection, dexos, and frankly, too much technology inside.

we are obviously under warranty for a few years and I don't even have to change oil for two, so it may be awhile before I frequent this site. Hopefully, it won't be often, which would mean we would own a reliable Terrain.
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