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Fried BCM?

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I won't point any fingers, but my 2011 Terrain was jumpstarted today and someone accidentally crossed the cables. Seems to have knocked out the "infotainment" LCD screen, and all audio including the turning signal chime. Everything else seems ok. Is there a reset I can try? Or maybe a fuse/relay that I should check?
Like the name suggests, I'm no mechanic.
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Hard to say what was damaged if anything....

But one thing you can try..Is to disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes then reconnect.

It is pretty easy to have to remove the ECM that is mounted on top of the Battery..The ECM cover just clips on and slides to your right and then there is one Phillips head screw holding the ECM in position...then you'll need a 10MM socket to loosen the battery cable...NEG cable is all you need to remove.

But while you're waiting, look at all the fuses related to the Nav Screen/radio
Thanks for the input. I'm actually headed out of town for the holiday so I'll have to try this when I get back. I did try looking at the fuses, I found the "radio" fuse and that one was fine. Then found the "infotainment" fuse missing altogether. I'll look for bcm fuses when I come back too.
I know something is a miss bc the LCD screen is blurry. Hard to describe, but it's a bit like 5 or 6 columns of misaligned pixels. Basically It looks like someone gave it a good electrical kick in the pants.
I checked all the fuses, found some missing where I would have thought they'd be, but didn't find any blown. Tried the reset by taking off the negative cable, didn't work. :( I guess it's time to pony up the cash and take it to the dealership.
Well crap...let us know what they/you find out...Hope it's something simple:confused:
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