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Just wondering if anyone else has a "popping" noise coming from their front suspension. I have a 2010 Terrain, SLT, AWD that has this noise only when turning over a "bump". I have looked over the suspension and cannot find anything blatantly/obviously wrong.

I have read different posts stating that it could be the front wheel bearings. We only have approx 35,000 miles on the car and would really be disappointed if the wheel bearings were bad already.

The steering is fine and doesn't make any noise when the vehicle is turning. I have also checked the transfer case fluid levels to ensure that it was not low since it is an AWD.

There is no difference either when I have the traction control turned off.

Other than changing the front struts, ball joints or any bushings for the stabilization/anti-roll bar, I cannot think of what else it may be.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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