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If you think gas prices are bad over here; spare a thought for our British cousins across the pond. Currently, fuel at the pumps is approaching almost $10 per imperial gallon (approximately 1.2009 US gals) in England.

As a result motorists in the UK are looking every which way they can to save fuel. The Institute for Advanced Motorists (IAM) has come up with some tips that could save drivers up to 10 percent in fuel each month. Simon Green, the IAM’s Chief Executive, said recently in the organization’s newsletter, that if the “monthly price of filling up is typically £70 ($112) each, an experienced or advanced driver can save up to £14 per month or £168 a year,” simply by changing their driving habits.

Tips offered by the institute include anticipating the flow of traffic around you, reducing the need for hard acceleration or braking; using cruise control where possible to regulate speed; switching off the engine at railroad crossings and long traffic lights; removing excess baggage from the trunk or roof rack; checking your tire pressures regularly (at least once a month) and obeying the posted speed limit signs.

Although some European countries are taking more drastic measures to save fuel consumption, notably Spain, which reduced it’s national speed limit recently; the IAM maintains the best option is to be light with your right foot.

Besides the tips mentioned above the institute is also offering an Eco-Driving designed to help maximize fuel efficiency while driving in a safe and responsible manner

from autoguide

I guess it really comes down to your right foot, and how you accelerate and brake only when needed. And keep your revs low and just maintain speed! Even with as much light weight reduction as possible, your right foot is where it really counts!

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We can be thankful for the micro-car's coming out now since they have pretty much everything you need, the styling & comfort all in a small compact form. If people haven't already started looking at these to save gas, they should. MPG of 40+ can be achieved with these, almost every vehicle manufacture is coming out with one.

Driving conservatively, and taking transit when you can will really help you out financially.

Has anyone looked into getting rid of their gas guzzling cars in exchange for fuel economy focused cars?
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