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Gathering information on USB and random thumping noise in Terrain

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So i have spent hours and hours scouring forums and googling all combinations of phrases for "Terrain USB iPod not working" and "Terrain thumping/clicking noise".

That being said, can we gather in one thread, everyone who has experienced:

- USB/iPod connectivity issues:
1. Connecting your iPod to your Terrain via the USB does nothing.
2. Upon connecting your iPod you only see "Indexing..." on your display and music will never play.
3. After a while of playback you go to skip a song and it just hangs there.
4. Your iPod will freeze and after a certain amount of time it will just start working out of the blue.

- The mysterious thump sound:
1. Starting your Terrain causes a thump/clicking sound from what sounds like the rear of the vehicle
2. Putting the car in reverse will cause this thump/clicking sound to happen.
- The noise will stop once the car has been put into Drive and out of Reverse.
- Accelerating to a certain speed once this noise began will cause it to stop.

I am a Quality Assurance guy (not for GM or any car company) for a living so my job is to locate these little anomalies and track them down to their source. The reason i am writing this is so that we can all have a place to refer back to when we go to our dealerships in hopes to get them to fix these things.

From all the stories that i have read the thing that lets GMC off the hook from fixing these issues is that the rate of reproduction is so low that we can't get them to happen while we are at the dealership themselves.

My hopes are that if we walk in with a long list of people's experiences with these problems that we can actually convince them that this exists and we can't be easily turned away. What i ask of you guys is that you write down as many details as you can about the conditions under which these problems began.
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