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GMC Terrain Forum > All Theta Models > Exterior & Body > Topic: Electronic Rust Prote

So recently i went into GMC and ask one of the dealers what kinda of rust protection methods they do have, as i do live in Canada and salt and mud and many other factors that metal doesn't like are here. im Just really cursious if this kind of system will work.

They tried to offer me a vehicle protection package. Electronic Rust protection, Paint Protection & Upholstery Protection as one package or can purchase each individually.

Upholstery protection is Bull, just clean your own car and you'll be set.As for Paint Protection
not so sure....but I have always washed my vehicles regularly and always apply a coat of wax in the fall and spring to battle our harsh Canadian Winters.

Question. Does anyone have real hard evidence and experience with the Electronic Rust Protection Module?...does this really work/help or is it one of those "IN THEORY" things.

Also, any feedback on the paint protection would help too.
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i would guess, that if this really worked that well why doesn't GMC just put this on all their car's so they wont rust away in harsh Canadian winters with salt and everything.

It would solve a the rust issue on all most most cars. and if there really was a solution for anti rust i think we'd all be using it.
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