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GMC Terrain MPG - real-world gas mileage

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I really like the GMC Terrain and im very close to getting one but I am concerned about the Terrain's gas mileage. Most websites are saying the GMC Terrain MPG is around 22 mpg....

I'm told the Terrain can get really good gas mileage for the type of vehicle it is, one Terrain owner said the Terrain has the best gas mileage in it's class and sometimes it gets better MPG than the EPA rating.

What real-world gas mileage are you guys getting?

please include as much as you can such as your driving style, 4cyl or 6cyl, highway driving/city driving, passengers, cargo,
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Yeah heres another thread talking about the same thing i posted up the same question

Who can help us figure out why !
Did you got your solution? Actually I am looking for same thing.
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