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GT Academy Chooses Their ‘Sweet 16′ From America

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The lines between reality and virtual reality are getting blurred, as proven by Lucas Ordonez. He went from racing cars in the virtual world of video games, to actually competing in an LMP2 racer provided by Signatech Nissan in the 12-hours of Sebring, and actually finishing 2nd in the race. The 25 year-old Spaniard will now head to France to compete in this years 24-hours of Le Mans. Not bad for someone who only used to race sitting on a sofa.

GT Academy’s American chapter is now also looking to find their next star, and are hoping to turn the process into a reality TV show. More than 52,000 contestants signed up for this competition, and the list dwindled down to just 32. These virtual racers then went on to compete in further tests in Orlando, Fl. but only half have advanced through. So now the ‘Sweet 16′ virtual racers will go to the Silverstone racetrack in U.K. to compete in the final competition. These new tests will test a person’s physical fitness and actual skill in a race car.

There will be only one winner, and we wish all of the contestants the very best.

We all play GT5, and every parent or wife even says stop playing those video games! Well now you can prove them wrong :) Well atleast you gotta make it through 54 000 competitors.. and be hella good but hey there is always a chance!

From Autoguide :
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From a sofa racer to a real life racer in one of the top racing series and only being 25, yup he's living the life most car heads would like to live. But what are the chances of something like this happening to someone. Out of the millions of people who play racing games on their PS2, PS3, XBOX & Wii for this to happen to someone it's a rare thing. It's like winning the lottery. Good luck to all 16 remaining contestants.
Well the difference between this and the lottery is that lottery has million upon millions of different combo's lucky with the Gt5 academy its all solely based on your own skill, laps times and etc.Im sure these 16 winners weren't luck of the draw's but based on their skill and met requirements its kinda of like a free job interview with an amazing experience.
Good to know that they actually go through a physical test and try to pick the best potential racer.

Esp the EU version im very impressed he got 2nd in the 12 hours of Sebring!
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