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GTAV Trailer

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While not strictly a car game, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has always had quite a lot to offer the auto enthusiast video gamer. The hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V is no exception. In fact, based on the trailer for the game that Rockstar Games has just released, it may be the most cars-rich title in the series to date.

Though GTA is still a hair's breadth away from having fully real and licensed car models for its gameplay, the distance from reality has become smaller if we are to judge by this trailer. A very nearly real Audi R8 Spyder clone sort of stars in this trailer, and we see close copies of an Aston Martin DB5, BMW M3 Convertible, Volvo S80, and more. (The sandrail is fairly sweet, too).

Scroll down to check out the GTA goods in a pair of trailers. Look for the game to hit store shelves in the spring of next year – our pre-order is in.

Grand Theft Auto V to feature 'Audi R8,' 'Aston Martin DB5' and more
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