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Head 2 Head Comparison GMC Terrain vs Honda Pilot

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Honda's Suv vs GMC Terrain
Hey all heres just a nice lil heads up between the Honda Pilot and the GMC Terrain Spec's vs the Pilots specs =]

These are just a head up comparison.

Just click click the link below it will show up the head2head graph

If your in the market for knowing crub weights, options and others here you go enjoy =]

Even so if add info !
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looks like the gmc terrain spanked the honda pilot. not only that the terrain is smaller but has a longer wheelbase which is better for handling. chalk up another for gmc. ;)
Honda just doesnt offer enough bells and whistle's with their cars, i mean Honda has great rugged cars, but there just plain. heres a small write up i just did about the features that are included with the GMC terrain, that is well worth over 10 000$
And good luck with getting honda to offer those as factory options!
I used to be a honda Fanboy.

But terms of size and room GMC terrain just feels bigger and more comfortable than the honda.

Glad that im going to switch over soon once my Honda lease ends soon !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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