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Hello all ! I have a question about the headlights on my wife's Terrain :

The headlights don't illuminate smoothly around the top of the light cone.
The light is adequate to a certain height in front of the vehicle, and then is abruptly cut off by a horizontal shadow that runs completely across the area in front of the car. There is little or no illumination above this line, as if someone were blocking the light by holding a board or something in front of the lamps.

It gives the appearance that the headlights are aimed too low, but they're not. My mechanic checked this and says that they are aimed properly :confused:

Is this a common complaint ?

Thank you in advance for your help :)

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After further review, I noticed it is a pretty good design after all...The LINE of light that illuminates the road below the line is all good and above the line where it is dark, is to prevent flooding the car in front of you into his back pretty cool IMO.;)
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