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Help. Console lights go dim

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My 2014 Terrain is having issues with the lights dimming in the console, the navigation will go so dim you cannot see it. Normally I have to shut my car off and restart for the lights to get bright again. Some days it’s fine but other days the light will go down during the day time and also at night time. I have tried turning all my lights on and off nothing helps. It’s almost like the lights are about to go out . Any ideas for me?
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Maybe a bad ground connection somewhere..Also fiddle with the dimmer switch for the dash and accent lights.....But definitely take to a dealer or qualified GMC tech..
Good luck GMC is no help to this issue. I have a 2016 and has been in the shop this is now the first time. It goes dim every time I am in any under passage and I can barely see dash. Also is randomly goes in and out for anywhere to a few minutes to half hr. First time I took it in they denied a issue. Second time they said dim switch and had to take it back to get replaced. Now it is doing it more frequently. Third time they claimed it didn't do it however it does it each and every time. Now the are stating it's "NORMAL." Not sure who they expect to believe that. If you find a solution please let me know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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