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Infotainment System black-out

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This maybe a coincidence. But it seems that when I do an XM/Sirius upgrade or change to the program format to some other packages..The Infotainment system complete shuts down and off and then reboots in about 10 seconds and then all is normal again. The last time I changed something with my XM programming. The next day the system did this (also the last time and the times before that)..I never put the two together until I recalled this last time I changed my XM package and the next day the reboot occurred. I could be all wrong, but it seems fine with no issues until I do a XM program change. :eek:

Anybody else?
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Got the same thing on my 2014. I don't have the XM. My friend in Arkansas has reported the same thing on his. A few times, I changed the clock to Military time and days later it is back to 12 hour time.
I called a couple GMC dealers around me, including Roper GMC in Joplin where I bought it, and none of them ever heard or seen this issue...Course they all say bring it in and they'll check it out..I said, HOW? that it's working fine you won't be able to find the problem...They said they would re-flash the system in case there is a bug or two.

I haven't had the problem since I last posted here about it, or since my last XM update.....In all, it's happened 3 times.
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