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German researchers have found that just five cars in a thousand communicating with one another is all it takes to reduce congestion.

That may not sound like a whole lot of automobiles, but it is sufficiently representative of traffic flow to allow traffic engineers to determine how best to manage traffic and alleviate rush-hour jams and construction delays. The finding comes as German officials prepare to roll out a vehicle-to-vehicle communication to alleviate traffic congestion and a growing number of automakers explore the technology.

“Location-specific traffic information and warnings in real time can help to remedy this, while simultaneously increasing road safety,” said Nick Reilly, president of General Motors Europe, which participated in the research. “Less congestion means less wasted time, reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.”

The finding was the result of research in Europe’s Dynamic Information and Application for Mobility with Adaptive Networks and Telematics Infrastructure (DIAMANT) program. The findings were presented at a conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association.

Already, DIAMANT has been instrumental in the Jam-Free Hesse 2015 initiative, which seeks to reduce traffic jams in the German state where Frankfurt is the capital. Though those in the United States tend to imagine Germany as a model of automotive efficiency, with Audis, Benzes and Porsches whizzing along autobahns at unfettered speeds, a study by ADAC — Germany’s version of AAA — found traffic congestion costs the German economy $425 million dollars daily in lost time and fuel.
Sadly this is very true with all the idiot drive we have and everyone driving like ass hats! i believe that if all drivers communicated that we would be able to have a smooth drive home. That we wouldn't have the funnel effect of traffic, and another idea of mine is everyone has a standard car, we wouldn't have traffic issues, simple because no one want to shift and do all that work!

The full article below but think if everyone has a standard car!

Just a Few Talking Cars Could Eliminate Gridlock | Autopia |

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this article is right. i see so much horrible drivers on the road, how do these people get their license with the way they drive.

the introduction of all the mobile devices have also taken part in traffic jams since everyone is all focused on their Facebook, texting, browsing the net, and more while driving.

The day that come when cars drive themselves, we will have way less traffic jams and accidents.
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