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When you think of the perfect seat covers for your GMC Terrain, you imagine something durable, comfortable, soft, and well, regular. New Rixxu release will blow your imagination away and change your opinion about this accessory - Glo Series Seat Covers.

Rixxu retreated from the usual interior protection function and added bright and colorful LED lights around the seat covers perimeter. Everything you need to do is to plug the power cord into your vehicle’s 12V outlet and use the wireless remote to choose the color you want. If you already have any interior LED light strips, tubes, and underbody light kits installed, these seat covers would be a perfect match. Our tech expert Greg will show you them in action and provide with more information in our new video!

Rixxu™ - Glo Series LED Seat Covers with RGB Function

Rixxu™ | Seat Covers, Tonneau Covers, Automotive Accessories —

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