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The essential kit for large family cars

The must-have technology on family cars is simple to identify; it should be affordable and make your life easier. With that in mind, we’d specify a heated windscreen.

Most motorists who have the luxury of a garage rarely use it to shelter their car, so the majority of us spend frosty winter mornings getting cold and wet scraping the ice off our windscreens. A heated screen will make this winter ritual a thing of the past.

As family cars get bigger and bigger, parking in tight spaces can be an ordeal. Invest in a set of reversing sensors and you’ll wonder how you ever managed before; plus, this option could even pay for itself if you’re prone to the odd low-speed parking scrape, by cutting down on repair bills.

Don’t spend on… Rear entertainment screens: they cost a fortune. Powered tailgates: take too long to open and close for busy family life. Sports suspension: usually compromises comfort.

Our pick: Skoda Superb Elegance (from £23,570)
In range-topping trim, this Skoda covers all the bases – with leather upholstery, climate control, xenon headlamps and a touchscreen sat-nav system all fitted as standard. Tick the box for the optional Music Device Interface if you like listening to music from your iPod (it’s £185 plus an adapter). A full-sized spare wheel (£85) is also a must-have, but these are the only options you need.

Must have extras - large family cars | Auto Express
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