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Howdy all...

I'm about to acquire a new 2015 GMC Terrain Denali AWD/V6..some time this week..I can't wait..(wed, 9-16-15 I hope)

I think I know the owner of this forum, Patrick, maybe, maybe just looks like his style, especially that grueling registration...WOW!:eek::D....if so I have been acquainted with him for a long time, with Hummer, and Jaguar forums he also runs...I use to be one of his Admins.

Anyway, I just sold my beloved 2006 Hummer H3 after owning it since new and am moving into this new GMC..It is the Summit White color with all the bells and whistles, I hope to have pictures and all soon, to show off...I should have it tomorrow the 16th.

I already got a couple of questions, so I'll post them in the appropriate areas of the forum..see you all there..

Hope to have fun here.
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