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New Sheriff in town

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Hi Folks..

We have Cleaned out all the spam and bogus postings that has accumulated over the months here THAT distracts from an already great GMC forum.....Please note that the site is cleaned, up and running again without all the SPAM...Certain safeguards are now in place to block unwanted SPAMMERS and TROLLS from reregistering.

Do me a favor and PM me if you know of any new culprits dropping SPAM BOMBS on us so they can and will be removed henceforth.

Hopefully, new interests and new members will join us again.

Thanks for all the help in advance.:)

As a side note...Due to the mass banning recently, you may find that your username was BANNED from using the forum..if you feel it was a mistake..please contact the Administrator...After a brief review of your account, you will be reinstated ASAP.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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