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Going to the dealer tommorrow (Tuesday) to get the undercoating, scotchguard and leather protection that was included with the price. Did some googling and can't really find any service warranty explainations. In the excitement of getting the paperwork done and watching them pull her out of the showroom we kinda forgot to ask bout a few things like warranty work being one of them. I figured 1000 kms should be the first oil change and you saying that verified it.

One thing that got me a few times during my new/used car buying experience was getting caught up in the excitement. I would get so excited that I forgot to check up or ask about things. Thankfully none of that backfired!

How are you driving your Terrain in the first 1000km's? I know with new cars your suppose to drive them easily for an xxxx amount of miles/km's as part of the engine break-in process.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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