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so we just bought our 2012 Terrain with 81,000 miles on it, so with in first 2500 miles we went through 31/2Qts of oil. so we called up to the dealer and they were going to have us bring it in for a paper trail on oil consumption the next day. so the next day comes and the check engine light come on and starts rough but evens out and starts running better so we go, well by the time we got there it was missing some terrible and wouldn't start again when we got there to pull in the shop. so they basically overhauled the engine and things seem to be fine now But has anyone else gone through this?

Do I need to worry about any other issues related to this problem?

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Welcome BH...First of all, post what engine you have...and list in your user profile your location...thanks

There were issues with the 4 cylinder models with clogging PCV valves and that would result in massive oil consumption and blowing out main crank seals..basically toasting the engines.

I copied this from another thread here..
Terrain with the 2.4L Ecotec engine suffered high oil consumption followed by a totally blocked PCV tube which caused a blown real seal. Exactly as described in Technical Service Bulletin #14882 which advise of an extended coverage for this failure. For 8 models in the 2010-2013 model years including Terrains and other models using that engine and series LAF, LEA & LUK.
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