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2012 terrain 4cyl 2wd. Randomly get this code in cold weather starts, usually goes off after 1 or 2 startups. I noticed the coil pack on cyl1 was replaced at some point, I switched it to cyl4 and will see if code follows. Car has 67k miles I purchased it with 60k. I replaced the plugs, some carbon built up, nothing on the contacts or insulator. Pulled and cleaned the tb, wasn't too bad. First oil change I did had 5qts drain out so that was good to see. The crankcase ventline going to the air intake almost always has water in it, enough to flow out (maybe a tablespoon) as well as the box that sits on top the motor will drip out a few tablespoons of water, I know a little bit of moisture is normal but it seems a little excessive. Car runs great, no hesitation, mostly city driving, around 23mpg. Not sure why I'm getting this code and usually only if it's less than 15 degrees out.
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