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2012 Christmas is just around in the corner, are you ready to get a great Christmas gift for yourself and your friends or family? Eonon ARM processor head unit could be in your wish list, they're the best car GPS with most powerful processor ever! In order to help you save tons in this shipping season but hard economical crisis period, we'd like to provide you as much as 45% off!

Firstly, do you know what are the differences among the ARM, 776 and general DVD processor of Car DVD GPS?From the the test video in this page, you'll see ARM is the best of the best!!! Faster speed, More Fluent UI Animation, and Cooler Appearance!

Eonon G2226,G2227Z,G2103V,D5101,D5102,D5105,D5109,D5120,D5121M are all with ARM Processor! And some of them are on big Sale, including:
- Three 2 Din car GPS,
G2226D with DVB-T function, G2103V 6.2 Inch 2 Din Car GPS, G2227Z 2 Din Car DVD GPS;
- Three Car GPS + Camera combo: The above 3 best double din head unit + A0110 camera
- Three hot sale specific Car GPS:
D5102 mazda 3 gps, D5123 Opel radio, D5109 VW Passat/New Golf Car DVD GPS.

Get the best car stereo to bring your in car entertainment to the next level now! And you can also save big! Merry Christmas! More details please check here:
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