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proud new owner

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Just bought a 2013 Terrain Denali. This is the quietest most solid vehicle i have had and i have had cadillacs, buicks but this beats them all. It is the perfect size and with awd and3.6 V6 this one can go anywhere. Glad to be on this forum. Cheers to all.
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Congratulations on your purchase carbondenali! Let me know if any questions arise. Thank you.

Tricia, GMC Customer Service.
Proud New Owner 2

We too got our 2013 Denali on 2/18/13. It's our 2nd Terrain. The first was a 4- cylinder, front-wheel drive. We're enjoying the 6-cylinder, AWD version even more. Only "issue" so far is waiting for some updates to correct problems with the IntelliLink an voice-recognition systems.
Congratulations to you as well PHH! Are you working with your dealer in regards to your concerns?

Tricia, GMC Customer Service.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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