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Remote starter installation

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I was thinking about buying a remote starter and was wondering if anyone on here has installed one like this. It sounds like an easy install but I just want to make sure that it really is.

Plug Play Add on Remote Start for GMC Terrain 2010 2014 Complete Kit | eBay
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Plug & Play remote start.

I ordered a plug and play remote start from Amazon for my 2015 Terrain SLE ($109.00), it was very easy to install, about 25 mins. I got stumped for a bit because everything I read said you would hit the lock button three times on your factory key fob, and it would start. I accidentally figured out mine will only start if I HOLD the lock button for three seconds. Other than that, it was fast, and easy. I had to splice 1 wire with the included splice tap at the odb port, everything else was literally plugs. The kit came with everything needed. If I ever have to remove the remote start, you would never know one had been installed. The listing says 2010-2014, but I verified with them it would also work on the 2015.
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