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Hi. I have a 2011 Terrain SLT. I just actually passed my one year anniversary with the car, and am having an issue with the steering control toggle. I used it Tuesday morning on my way to the airport and it was fine as I changed radio stations. I arrived home wednesday night, and it doesn't work at all. I can push the toggle switch and change from radio to navigation to dvd to cd, etc. the volume up/down button right next to the toggle still works, as does the onstar phone on/off controls on the other side of the toggle. But I am unable to push the toggle up or down and change radio stations any longer. Very bizarre since no one was in my car while I was gone. Has anyone else had this issue? I literally just got my car out of the dealer last week for a warranty faulty fuel pump that had to get fixed, so I hate to bring it back, but my arms are not really long enough to safely change the channels while I drive from the center console, and the toggle button was a godsend. Anyone have any advice??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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