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Students Shoot for 2,500 MPG. Seriously

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The car runs, so there is that.

But as the Cal Super Mileage Vehicle Team loaded its ultralight carbon-fiber three-wheeler into a trailer for the long haul from Berkeley to Houston, Murphy was definitely in the driver's seat. Anything that could go wrong did — and did so in the last 12 hours before the team was to leave for the Shell Eco-marathon.

The Eco-marathon is a race, of sorts. The only goal is doing 10 laps around a Houston park at an average speed of 15 mph while consuming the teeniest, tiniest amount of energy possible.

Last year's winners, from Laval University in Quebec, achieved a phenomenal 2,487.5 mpg with a futuristic streamlined three-wheeler that weighed less than the engine in your hoopty. The University of California at Berkeley is among 70 teams — from 31 universities and 18 high schools throughout North America — slated to compete in this weekend's race

If students can make a car go 15mph and able to go 2500 MPG im sure the all high and mighty engineers who develop our amazing cars that we love so much can do the same. But than many things come into play as well. What do you guys think?
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